can i refinance my mortgage after chapter 13

Can I Refinance My Mortgage DURING Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. – In essence, a chapter 13 client is telling the court: "I have some money to pay my debt; I just don’t have enough to pay what my creditors want me to pay." Chapter 13 is a wonderful tool for getting back in control of your finances. As a result, FHA has a program for chapter 13 debtors to refinance their mortgage.

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Mortgage Advice > Refinance after chapter 13 – – Refinance after chapter 13. Hello,I filed chapter 13 bankrupcy 3.5 years ago. After making 3 years of payments , it has been dismissed as of April 2012.. If your current loan is FHA, then you should be eligible for a streamline refinance. Always work with a local Mortgage Banker/Broker.

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3 Tips for Refinancing a Car Loan after Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings allow you to reorganize your debt in order to effectively make payments. While a Chapter 7 forces you to liquidate your assets and declare "total" bankruptcy, a Chapter 13 may allow you to keep your possessions and simply restructure your debt payments.

How soon after a bankruptcy can I refinance my home? – You can get a chapter 13 refinance as little as 12 months from filing, not discharge and you can payoff your chapter 13 in the process if you have enough equity in your home. There are key differences between a chapter 13 and chapter 7 refinance but that is for your mortgage broker to be aware of.

Refinancing Your Home After Chapter 13 – John T. Orcutt – Refinancing Your Home After Chapter 13. Submitted by Jen Jones on Mon, The way these buy-out specialists operate is by refinancing your current mortgage to pay the balance owed under your bankruptcy. The third kind of company operates by having your bankruptcy under Chapter 13 dismissed.. how the refinance will work with your Chapter 13.

How Long After Bankruptcy Do I Have to Wait to Refinance. – How Long After Bankruptcy Do I Have to Wait to Refinance My Home? By: Lynndee Marooney. and the bankruptcy trustee will work with you to come up with a payment plan. Both Chapter 7 and chapter 13 severely affect your credit report in a negative way; however, with time and effort the damage can be reduced.. Knowing you want to refinance.

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